Reader Meet Writer: Carter Sickels | The Prettiest Star

Reader Meet Writer: Carter Sickels | The Prettiest Star

May 20th 2020 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Grab a box of tissues and join us for another amazing Reader Meet Writer virtual conversation with Carter Sickels, author of The Prettiest Star.

You will not regret hearing about one of the most powerful books of the year through this interactive, online event! Make sure to sign up with Hub City to recieve the event info & link to attend!  


The Prettiest Star by Carter Sickels

Small-town Appalachia doesn't have a lot going for it, 
but it's where Brian is from, where his family is, and where he's chosen to return to die.


"Amid the tragedy, threads of loyalty, strength, and pride result in a glimmer of hope—not for a happy ending, but for human beings’ capacity to love one another through the worst crises. Devastating and impactful, The Prettiest Star captures the profound effects of the AIDS crisis, and the lies and bigotry that contributed to it."—Foreword Reviews

"Get ready for your heart to explode into an entire cosmos. Carter Sickels' The Prettiest Star is the story of a young man who must drag his body from the mouth of death back to the "home" that nearly killed him. The story of a queer desiring body moving through the crucibles of life toward song, toward rewriting family and whatever we mean by home, toward a kind of hope that comes from the dirt up and not the sky down. A heart triumph."—Lidia Yuknavitch


Set in 1986, a year after Rock Hudson's death brought the news of AIDS into living rooms and kitchens across America, Lambda Literary award-winning author Carter Sickels's second novel shines light on an overlooked part of the epidemic, those men who returned to the rural communities and families who'd rejected them.

Six short years after Brian Jackson moved to New York City in search of freedom and acceptance, AIDS has claimed his lover, his friends, and his future. With nothing left in New York but memories of death, Brian decides to write his mother a letter asking to come back to the place, and family, he was once so desperate to escape.

The Prettiest Star is told in a chorus of voices: Brian's mother Sharon; his fourteen-year-old sister, Jess, as she grapples with her brother's mysterious return; and the video diaries Brian makes to document his final summer.

Carter Sickels's stunning novel is an urgent story about the politics and fragility of the body, of sex and shame.Above all, The Prettiest Star explores the bounds of family and redemption. It is written at the far reaches of love and understanding, centering on the moments where those two forces stretch toward each other and sometimes touch.


CARTER SICKELS is the author of the novel The Evening Hour. He is the recipient of the 2013 Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Award, and has been awarded scholarships to Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, the Sewanee Writers' Conference, VCCA, and the MacDowell Colony. His essays and fiction have appeared in various publications, including Guernica, Bellevue Literary Review, and BuzzFeed. Carter is Assistant Professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University, where he teaches in the Bluegrass Writers Studio Low-Residency MFA program.



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