Consignment Requests

Congratulations on publishing your book! We know you're eager to get your book in the hands of as many people as possible, including those that come into Hub City Bookshop. Please read the following and complete the form below.

While Hub City Bookshop loves to support local authors, we cannot stock every book that is proposed to us. Please be respectful and understanding if we are unable to stock your book at this time. No phone calls or drop-ins please. Our booksellers do not handle consignment requests. 


If Hub City Bookshop decides to stock your book, we will take 3 copies to have on our shelves for an initial term of 6 months. If no copies sell in that time frame, the author will be notified and expected to pick up their books as soon as possible. If the book is not picked up for one month, it will be considered a donation to our Books at the Bus Stop initiative. 

If you sell one or two copies, we will be in touch with payment information and our decision as to whether or not we want to keep the book on our shelves. 

If you sell all copies, congratulations! We will be in touch with payment information and will likely buy copies to keep on hand in the store rather than stocking them on consignment.


Hub City Bookshop expects you to promote our store as a place to buy your book. Posting on social media, telling family and friends to come by, and posting on your author website are all excellent ways to promote your book in our store. 

Please DO NOT drop into the bookstore or call to ask about your consignment request/items on consignment. Our booksellers do not handle these requests and will not be able to answer your questions. If you violate our terms, Hub City Bookshop retains the right to pull your book from our shelves. 

Consignment Request Form

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