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Can you stock my book at the Hub City Bookshop?

We have a robust section of local and independent authors and that's one of the things that makes our bookshop great.

We love having your books on our shelves, and want you to love reading ours! If you decide to consign at Hub City Bookshop we ask you to support us by signing up for a Hub Writers Project Membership so we can continue to support authors and their work. Members receive 10% off all their purchases, 20% New York Times Bestsellers and 25% off Hub City books.

If you are interested in becoming members and consign your books please begin this process by filling out our consignment form which can be found on our Bookshop page.

My book is on consignment at the Hub City Bookshop, and I’ve been promoting it and letting people know it's for sale. How do I set up an author event?

We receive a large number of event requests, so please consider the following before you reach out to us. We have three different types of authors that appear at the Bookshop. Independent, Emerging, and Established.

  • Independent authors are those with self-published, self-promoted books. You will provide all your books and materials for the event.
  • Emerging Authors can be many things, but most likely have books from independent presses that are usually carried by distributors INGRAM.
  • An established author is published by a major publisher (Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins) that is available through INGRAM and is fully returnable. Those authors or publicists should contact us directly by e-mail.

What kind of event should I prepare for?

We generally host two types of events:

An Open-House Signing: usually held on Saturday mornings or weekdays at 5pm, the open house signing is a great opportunity for local fans to meet and greet authors. It's better for the author, as well, who has potential readers walking in the door all the time. This type of event is our preferred format for Independent and Emerging Authors.

A Reading/Signing: these events feature a talk from the author about the writing of the book and a short reading. Afterwards there is a Q&A and then the author signs books. These events are usually at 7pm on a weeknight.

How will you promote my book?

We will post established author events to this website, Facebook, and Instagram. We also have signage in the store. We will work with established authors and publicists to capture local media attention. Self published authors are encouraged to do their own promotion.

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