Reader Meet Writer: Caroline B. Cooney (virtual)

Reader Meet Writer: Caroline B. Cooney (virtual)

May 5th 2020 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join us for our Reader Meet Writer series in partnership with SIBA! Our next author in the series is Caroline B. Cooney, an author with over 60 books! She will be talking with us about her newest book Before She Was Helen and answering your questions. Please register by clicking here.

"Caroline Cooney's Before She Was Helen is a clever whodunnit featuring an immensely likable septuagenarian heroine with a tragic past. Cooney is deft at weaving together the mysteries of a fifty-year-old cold case murder and a still-warm body at a retirement community, slowly unveiling a slew of possible motives and suspects for both crimes. Loaded with action, fast-paced, and offering a series of emotional punches, this book will leave mystery lovers wanting more." —Carter Wilson, USA Today bestselling author

Her life didn't turn out the way she expected―so she made herself a new one.

When Clemmie goes next door to check on her difficult and unlikeable neighbor Dom, he isn't there. But something else is. Something stunning, beautiful and inexplicable. As the picture swirls over the internet, Clemmie tries desperately to keep a grip on her own personal network of secrets. Can fifty years of careful hiding under names not her own be ruined by one careless picture?

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