Reader Meet Writer: Marie Benedict

Reader Meet Writer: Marie Benedict

April 29th 2020 | 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Please join us for a ZOOM Reader Meet Writer event with Marie Benedict on Wednesday, April 29th at 5 p.m. She will discuss her book The Other Einstein and answer your questions. The Other Einstein is one of a limited number of titles that simply by purchasing, you support indie bookstores through Join us and let’s raise some money for indie bookstores! Sign up here to attend!


The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

A marriage of geniuses: In a time when most twenty-year-old women were wives, or trying to be, Mileva Maric was studying physics at an elite university in Zurich. Her rise from the relative backwater of misogynistic Serbia to all-male university classrooms in Switzerland was nothing short of meteoric. Her male peers could only try to keep up with her clever calculations. For Mileva, math was an easier path than marriage. Then, fellow student Albert Einstein took an interest in her and the world turned sideways. Their life together was a partnership of heart and mind. But could there be room for more than one genius in a marriage?  Sign up here to attend!

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