An Evening with Wesley Browne, author of Hillbilly Hustle

An Evening with Wesley Browne, author of Hillbilly Hustle

October 16th 2020 | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us at Hub City Bookshop for an evening with Wesley Browne, author of Hillbilly Hustle!

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Hillbilly Hustle

by Wesley Browne

Knox Thompson thinks he’s working a hustle, but it’s a hustle that’s working him. Trying to keep his pizza shop and parents afloat, he cleans out a backroom Kentucky poker game only to be roped into dealing marijuana by the proprietor—an arrangement Knox only halfheartedly resists.

Knox’s shop makes the perfect front for a marijuana operation, but his supplier turns out to be violent and calculating, and Knox ends up under his thumb. It’s not long before more than just the pizza shop is at risk.

“A narrative rolled as expertly as Willie Nelson’s nightcap. It takes shape between breakneck page turns and well-timed punch lines.” - David Joy, author of The Line That Held Us

“Wes Browne’s Hillbilly Hustle is clever as hell, funny as hell, genuine as hell. Read it and feel alive.” - Hannah Pittard, author of Visible Empire

Wesley Browne is the founder and host of Pages & Pints Reading Series at Apollo Pizza in Richmond, Kentucky. He lives with his wife and two sons in Madison County, where he practices law, co-owns and helps manage local restaurants and a music venue, and coaches sports. This is his debut book.

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