A Book Signing | Southern Women: A New Book from Garden & Gun

A Book Signing | Southern Women: A New Book from Garden & Gun

December 14th 2019 | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Garden & Gun Editor Amanda Heckert, featured writer Latria Graham, and the founder of Affrilachian Artist Project, Marie Cochran, will sign copies of SOUTHERN WOMEN at Hub City Bookshop on December 14th at 2 p.m. 

What defines a Southern woman? For too long, the answer to this question has conjured the stereotypical image of the Southern belle, a “moonlight and magnolias” myth that gets nowhere close to describing the strong, richly diverse women who have thrived because of—and in some cases, despite—the South.

The award-winning magazine Garden & Gun is on a mission to present a more accurate portrait, one that reflects the diversity of Southern women and celebrates the achievements of those who have contributed to Southern culture in ways that inspire, innovate, and push boundaries. From the New York Times-bestselling editors of Garden & Gun comes SOUTHERN WOMEN: More than 100 Stories of Innovators, Artists, and Icons, an inspiring and beautifully designed collection of original interviews, essays, and portraits of more than 100 groundbreaking Southern women whose voices paint a progressive portrait of the region today.

From chefs, musicians, and writers to entrepreneurs and political activists, readers will find a dynamic portrait of who the Southern woman is now. The voices of bona fide icons such as Loretta Lynn, Reese Witherspoon, and the late Leah Chase join those whose stories for too long have been overlooked or underestimated, from the pioneering Texas rancher Minnie Lou Bradley to Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, the first black woman in the United States to be named to lead a freestanding medical school—all visionaries who have left their indelible mark not just on Southern culture, but on America itself.

The ties that bind the sisterhood of Southern women emerge in these stories of triumph, grit, and grace: an unflinching resilience and resourcefulness, an inherent love of the land, a singular style and wit. And while the wisdom shared may be rooted in the Southern experience, the universal themes are sure to resonate beyond the Mason-Dixon. SOUTHERN WOMEN is a uniquely inspiring anthology and a perfect gift book.

Garden & Gun is a national magazine that covers the best of the South, including its sporting culture, food, music, art, and literature, and its people and their ideas. The magazine has won numerous awards for journalism, design, and overall excellence, and has published several New York Times bestsellers, including The Southerner's Handbook, Good Dog, and The Southerner's Cookbook, as well as S is for Southern.
Amanda Heckert is a deputy editor at Garden & Gun. She previously was editor in chief of Indianapolis Monthly and a senior editor at Atlanta magazine.
Marie Cochran is a writer and the founder of Affrilachian Artist Project.
Latria Graham is a writer, editor and cultural critic currently living in South Carolina. Her writing interests revolve around the dynamics of race, gender norms, class, and nerd culture. Her work has appeared in multiple publications including espnW, The Guardian, The New York Times, Garden & Gun, and Teen Vogue.
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