Author Meet & Greet with Yoga Universalist Sierra Hollister

Author Meet & Greet with Yoga Universalist Sierra Hollister

November 5th 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Stop by the Bookshop on Saturday, November 5th between 12pm and 1pm to meet Sierra Hollister, yoga teacher and author of Moon Path Yoga: Kundalini Practices and Rituals for Women to Align with Lunar Cycles. Kundalini is a timeless tradition, and one of the oldest forms of yoga. It includes powerful, specific practices for anyone identifying as female: these practices awaken and enhance Shakti—the divine feminine, creative life force.

This meet and greet is free and open to all, and there's no need to register or RSVP; just come on by! If you'd like to put the Moon Path techniques into practice, though, register for a special Yogalicious workshop with Sierra, scheduled to take place from 2-4pm on the same day! The workshop is open to and suitable for yogis of all levels. Register using the button below:


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Sierra writes,

"Our yoga practice offers us the opportunity to be in relationship with our soul. Our relationship with nature is born of the cycles of sun, moon and earth. Aligning our practice to the rhythms of sun, moon and earth is a way to achieve a much deeper, richer balance and harmony in life. Our relationship to sun, moon and earth is lifelong and perpetually alive with nourishment and wisdom unique to each of us. In our time together, we'll learn some of the simple ways to implement the monthly rhythm of the moon in our yoga practice and our lives." 


Don't miss your chance to meet author; meet us at the Bookshop! 


About the Book

Experience the powerful, revitalizing, feminine “lunar” energy at the heart of Kundalini yoga practice, through this beautifully-illustrated guide with over 170 asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditations for practitioners of all levels.

One of the oldest forms of yoga, Kundalini Yoga is a timeless tradition that includes powerful, specific teachings for anyone identifying as female. These “lunar” practices not only support well-being, health, and vitality through every stage of life, but also awaken and enhance Shakti—the divine feminine, creative life force.
Sierra Hollister helps women discover their unique moon cycle and offers specific sequences (kriya)  for daily life, for mothering, for sexuality and relationships—as well as practices, breathing exercises, mudra, mantra, and recipes to provide support and balance.
Moon Path Yoga offers a comprehensive lunar rhythm practice that allows women of any age to awaken their innate divine feminine energy.

llustrated with over 125 color photos, this guide includes:

- Practice for Radiance, Vitality, and Grace 
- Gestating: A Prenatal Sequence
- Meditation for a Calm Heart 
- Meditation for Couples
- Sequence to Relieve PMS—or to Slow Down and Experience Gratitude

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About the Author

Mother, daughter, sister, friend, auntie, student, teacher ~ but those are just labels of relationship. Really, I am love-struck awe and wonder, occupying a body that delights in the physical ~ movement, running, yoga, digging into soil, traversing curvatures and chanting mantra, meditating ~ awakening again and again into the truth of our connectedness. 

You might already know that I am drawn to the ways in which words give shape and hope, anchor meaning and reveal wisdom. Words of comfort and revelation ~ insight and confession ~ emissaries of ancient teachings and sacred ways. The words of my teachers are sustenance ~ as nourishing and necessary as the lyrical love words from my children, my community.

Love, movement, sacred and holy words ~ coalesce in my yoga practice, my yoga offerings. My relationship with yoga is approaching 40 years and I can still remember my first class like it was yesterday. (I didn’t like it.) My feelings about yoga stayed tepid unitl a friend brought me to a sort of Buddhist flavored Hot Vinyasa with Sarah Powers in 1992. It was that practice, and Sarah too, that lit the candle within me. I give thanks for this flame within me each and every day. 

I think of myself as a “yoga universalist” ~ someone who reveres and appreciates the wisdom and practices from all lineages / traditions. I hold multiple certifications ~ a result of both love and curiosity about this huge thing we call yoga. On any given day, my practice could be drawn from vinyasa or restorative, ashtanga or hatha ~ yet always, every day ~ some aspect of my practice is sourced from the tantric tradition of kundalini ~ for this is my “maha” practice, the great practice that resides in my heart and demands some observance each day.

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