Storytelling Writing Camp for Tweens

Storytelling Writing Camp for Tweens

July 27th 2020 - July 31st 2020 | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

This 5-day virtual summer writing camp is designed for tweens (10-12) who are interesting in learning how to write stories. Two experienced instructors will be present at each classtime. Naomi Pickens and Aurora Masum-Javed are both writers and educators who are eager to encourage self-expression through creative writing. They have created a fun and interactive online experience for tweens interested in all types of writing.

Up to 15 students can participate in a week-long virtual storytelling writing camp. During this camp, students will learn the basics of how to write a story, analyze their own work, and present their work to their peers. At the end of the writing camp, they will present their work virtually in front of their peers. The goal of the storytelling writing camp is to teach students the basics of how to write and present a short story. At the end of this camp students will know how to write, analyze, and present a story which will aid in reading and writing comprehension.

The classes and class activities are based on the student’s favorite books. All the classes are scheduled to go from 2 PM to 3 PM with an extra hour open for writing time. This is optional, if the students want to, they can stay on and write with the instructors to receive additional assistance, feedback, and encouragement. 

Attendance is free! Sign up here.

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