Literary South Carolina

Literary South Carolina

by: Edwin C. Epps
Release date: Mar 1st, 2004

Literary South Carolina is a wide-ranging history and reference book that encompasses the lives and works of more than three hundred Palmetto State writers. Read More

Softcover - $15.00
(ISBN: 1-891885-32-4)

From William Gilmore Simms to Julia Peterkin, from DuBose Heyward to Benjamin Brawley, from Pat Conroy and James Dickey to Percival Everett and Josephine Humphreys, this extraordinary illustrated volume by Edwin C. Epps presents three centuries of literary achievement in South Carolina.

More than seventy years have passed since such a comprehensive volume about South Carolina writers has been published.

"Edwin Epps's remarkable panoramic history of literary South Carolina is a timely new reading and reminder of the state's rich written and storytelling tradition." —Literary Scholar Thomas L. Johnson.
Edwin C. Epps

Edwin C. Epps

Poet and scholar Ed Epps was born in Columbia, SC. His educational writing has appeared in numerous trade journals and books, and his poetry has been published in Point; Savannah Literary Journal; You, Year: New poems by Point poets; and other journals. Epps currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Spartanburg High School.

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