Hub City Christmas

Hub City Christmas

by: Betsy Wakefield Teter
Release date: Nov 1st, 1997

It doesn't snow much in the Hub City, but with this lively and diverse collection, it's definitely snowing stories. Read More

Softcover - $12.00
(ISBN: 0-9638731-4-8)

Thirty-two Spartanburg writers contributed seasonal stories to this book, which has been a favorite in the area for many years. These authors invite you to spend Christmas in Campobello, King's Creek, Cowpens, Camp Croft, Clifton and Converse Heights. They take you to the lights of Hampton Heights, Woodridge and a Dickensian downtown, allowing you to wander through tales of "Christmas Cotton," "Granddaddy's Song," and "The Christmas Stick," among many, many others.

Interspersed throughout this chorus of yuletide voices are historical snippets of Christmases past: diary entries from the Civil War, recollections from the Great Depression, and memories of the heyday of downtown. Buy this book as a gift, but also buy it for yourself. These stories are sure to become Christmas traditions for years to come.

Authors: Carlin Morrison, Kirk Neely, Marsha Poliakoff, Everyln Brock Waldrop, Cooper Smith, Phil Racine, Anne Alexander Bain, Suellen Dean, Ruth Shanor, John Lane, Barbara Cobb, Betsy Wakefield Teter, Ann Hicks, Linda Powers Bilanchone, Gloria Underwood, Butler Brewton, Jane Mailloux, Rosa Shand, Matthew Teague, Gary Henderson, Elaine Lang Ferguson, Mike Hembree, Meg Barnhouse, Georgia Dickerson, Nancy Ogle, Lisa Isenhower, Marc Henderson, C. Mack Amick, Gene Lassiter, Sam Howie, Robin Carroll and Deno Trakas.

Betsy Wakefield Teter

Betsy Wakefield Teter

Betsy Teter is executive director of the Hub City Writers Project, which she co-founded with John Lane and Gary Henderson in 1995. Her personal essays appear in three Hub City books. Before starting Hub City, she had a fifteen-year journalism career with newspapers in South Carolina.

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