Explain the eligibility requirements in more depth.

You are eligible for the Writers House residency if you graduated from a college or graduate level degree in Creative Writing in the past five years. That includes: BA, BFA, MA, MFA, or PhD. Graduate students (MA, MFA, and PhD) currently enrolled in programs may also apply. The eligibility period ends five years after your last year of school. For example: if you graduated from undergrad in 2009, started an MFA program in 2011 and finished in 2013, you would be eligible for the Writers House residency until 2018, five years after the completion of your highest degree in writing.

What do I need to bring to the residency?

We've had residents show up with as much as a U-Haul trailer and as little as a backpack! The house is furnished and equipped with all the basic necessities you will need to live in the house, but are welcome to bring any possessions (including furniture) that you feel you require.

Will a CV suffice for a resume?

Yes, it will. Whatever you decide to send, keep in mind there are certain things the committee will look at most closely: education, publications, presentations, editorships, relevant work history, and community service. What shape it takes is less important to us.

My significant other is also a writer! I know I can bring a partner, but can we apply together?

Yes! This is one of the more unique features of the Writers House residency: we accept joint applications from spouses. As you might already know, we welcome partners and pets to accompany the resident to Spartanburg. But we also know writers have a tendency to get into relationships with other writers, and will now be accepting joint applications.

Here's a quick summation of how to craft a joint application: you will need to include separate resumes and writing samples but craft a joint project statement, since the two writers would share the community service aspects. 

I have a wedding / graduation / life event that has been on my calendar for a year! Can I leave Spartanburg during my residency?

Absolutely! We ask that you clear any travel plans with us at the beginning of your residency. You will also need to arrange for your bookshop shifts be covered in your absence.

As a resident, what will my schedule look like from week to week?

The Writer-in-Residence's schedule changes based on the season the residency occurs and is most heavily influenced by what is going on with the Hub City Writers Project at the time. Each week the resident is expected to work 15 hours, with 10 of those hours in the bookshop and 5 working with the Press and Project. 

With those 5 service hours you might be running the marketing and submissions for a poetry or novel contest, emceeing a regional Poetry Out Loud competition or judging a local poetry contest.You might also be asked to write copy for local newspapers and blogs, as well as proofread manuscripts for Hub City Press. There are just a sampling of the varied ways we keep our residents busy! The rest of the time is yours for writing.

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