A holiday message from the Hub City staff

November 27th 2020










It’s safe to say that the holiday season will look a bit different this year. Downtown Spartanburg is no exception. As cold weather draws us inside and coronavirus cases continue to rise above even our summer numbers, our regular routines and holiday traditions are suddenly risky not only to us, but those around us, whether they are friends and family or strangers.

We’ll be honest: local businesses are in a tough spot. Customers are being told to do two different things: to come out and support your local businesses, but also to stay home and stay safe. We’ve made this agreement as a community and as a country knowing it’s contradictory. The best way, perhaps, is to do what we can as safely as possible.

As we look toward Small Business Saturday, pressuring customers to risk shopping in-store with us doesn’t feel right to us, but we do need your help. Your favorite businesses rely on robust holiday sales. Supporting us might look different this year, but we pledge to continue to ensure that shopping with us is as safe as we’re able to make it.

This holiday season might not be traditional, but we’re hoping it can still be special. Your support this year has meant the world to us, and we just wanted to write you a letter to say we’re there with you, we’re here to help, and we hope you’ll start some new traditions with us this year. That is why we are offering several shopping options including curbside service, delivery within the city limits, and private shopping on Sundays. Please visit hubcity.org or call 864-577-9349 for more information and note our current regular hours are Monday-Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.     

Happy holidays, friends. As always, thank you for supporting the Hub City Writers Project as well as our fellow downtown Spartanburg merchants and proprietors. We all hope to see you next year at A Dickens of a Christmas! 

The HCWP staff

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