The Playful Life Publication Party with Julie Jones & Jed Dearybury

The Playful Life Publication Party with Julie Jones & Jed Dearybury

November 10th 2022 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Ever find yourself wanting more out of life? If so, it's time to bring play to your every day! Join us in the Bookshop on Thursday, November 10th for a publication party celebrating beloved local authors Julie Jones, PhD and Jed Dearybury, whose new book is The Playful Life: The Power of Play in Our Every Day. A follow-up to the popular book The Playful Classroom, this new entry in the author-educators' catalogue offers something for everyone. From the benefits of incorporating playfulness into your life to tested strategies for doing so, The Playful Life is a guidebook to finding balance, overcoming stress, and enjoying each day—a must-read for your life journey! Meet us at the Bookshop to hear from the authors, get your copy signed, and celebrate Jed and Julie!

This event is free and open to all; RSVP at the link below to let us know you'll be there!




About the Book

Do you find yourself wanting more out of life? It’s time to bring play to your every day

Play is not just for kids! There are many reasons we need play in our lives. The Playful Life shows you why and how to bring more playfulness to all aspects of your life. You’ll explore how to create meaningful, relevant, and fun experiences for yourself and others through both a playful mindset and playful behaviors. Through research and 20+ years of teaching children and adults, authors Dr. Julie Jones and Jed Dearybury have found that play is not only fun, it’s essential to a full life. In this book, they share their knowledge and inspire you to reflect on the need for connection and joy for healthy living through play.

This book will equip you with new definitions, ideas, and ways of thinking about play for your daily life. With a relaxed tone, comical banter, and real talk, the authors encourage new understandings about what play is and empower you to make more playful choices. If you strive to find balance, overcome stress, and enjoy each day through play—The Playful Life is a must read for your life journey!

- Learn what play means and why it’s so essential to our everyday lives—at every age
- Discover the incredible benefits of play to your physical and mental health
- Get ideas for incorporating play into your everyday life at work, at home, or when you’re out and about
- Begin healing past traumas and grow into the person you are meant to be—through play and playful living!

Building on the popular book The Playful Classroom, this is a new and exciting take on what play does for all of us-- physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

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About the Authors 


Julie Jones has experience teaching 4th through 12th grades and is currently an Associate Professor at Converse University in K-6 teacher education. She regularly conducts research on educational technology and pedagogy with a mix of creativity and play.


Jed Dearybury is an educational leader and award-winning teacher of grades 1, 2, 3 and higher education teacher preparation programs. He was featured in GQ Magazine as Male Leader of the Year, he won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching, and he was a top 5 finalist for South Carolina Teacher of the Year.


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