Romance Gone Wrong with Monica Arya

Romance Gone Wrong with Monica Arya

October 13th 2022 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

If you love a good psychological thriller, this event is for you! Join us in the Bookshop at 6pm on Thursday, October 13th to meet Monica Arya, author of The Next Mrs. Wimberly. The book follows Brooke Montgomery, a struggling young woman with dead parents and mounting bills; when Brooke meets Dr. Noah Wimberly, she sees not only a handsome and successful man, but also a solution to her problems. Little does she know, however, that in marrying him she'll be bringing upon herself a whole new world of trouble. This event is free and will take place in the Bookshop. Don't miss your chance to meet an exciting local author; join us!



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About the Book

Happily ever after isn't guaranteed…

Brooke Montgomery has struggled ever since her parents died in a tragic accident, leaving her to take care of herself at a young age. Working double shifts as a waitress just to pay the mounting bills was a cycle she seemingly couldn’t break from.

Until she met him...

The charming, wealthy, handsome surgeon, Noah Wimberly.

Dr. Noah Wimberly’s first wife, Riya, mysteriously died, yet her body was never found. When Noah meets Brooke, who has an uncanny resemblance to Riya, Noah knows he can’t let Brooke go.

She’s his mid-life crisis.

He’s her way out.

The only problem is Brooke starts to realize that the tight-knit Laguna Beach society she’s now immersed in has a strange way of protecting its own, and she may need to unearth deadly secrets before it’s too late. The next place after the honeymoon doesn’t seem like it’ll be home.

Will she be able to handle what’s coming for the next Mrs. Wimberly, for better or for worse?


About the Author

Monica Arya is a bestselling, multi-genre author of five novels and currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina with her family. As a North Carolina native and a South Carolina resident you'll often see her stories mention or take place in the Carolinas. Monica's educational background is in Psychology, which is often put to use in her twisted thrillers. Besides writing, Monica enjoys spending time outdoors, dancing and chasing after her children. For more information you can visit her website


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