Above Spartanburg Photo Book Launch

Above Spartanburg Photo Book Launch

November 23rd 2019 | 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Join us at Fr8yard November 23 from 4-5:30PM for beers, books, and sky high photographs--and a celebration of the launch of Kavin Bradner's Above Spartanburg! 

Hub City Press will have books for sale, preorders for pick up, and a special presentation of a short documentary about Kavin and his drone photography process! Stick around after the event for the rockabilly sounds of Little Lesley & the Bloodshots!

One of our city’s most creative young artists has captured an extraordinary view of home. During a period of rapid change in this growing post-industrial Southern city, Kavin Bradner quietly moved among us, his drone hovering above. He knew that rooftops tell stories we can’t see from the ground. Waiting for just the right light and weather conditions, Bradner reframed Spartanburg with photographs both simple and powerful. His images illuminate patterns below we hardly knew existed. From our parks to our parking decks, from our freight trains to the Fr8yard, Above Spartanburg will transform the way you look at this city.

Kavin Bradner is a brand and commercial photographer in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and photographer/editor of @abovespartanburg. Above Spartanburg was born out of adventures with close friends into abandoned buildings in Spartanburg and has grown into a Spartanburg viral-ish account documenting the city from the top down.

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