Are You Ready for This? A Reading and Conversation with Humor Writer Anna Lind Thomas

Are You Ready for This? A Reading and Conversation with Humor Writer Anna Lind Thomas

May 31st 2022 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Hub City Bookshop is excited to welcome humor author, podcaster, and social media sensation Anna Lind Thomas for a virtual reading and discussion of her new essay collection I'm Not Ready for This (Everybody Just Calm Down and Give Me a Minute), which was recently named to USA Today's top 10 funniest books by women! Thomas is a popular online personality who founded the funny site HaHas for HooHas and hosts the podcast It's Not That Serious. Her first book, We'll Laugh About This Someday: Essays on Taking Life a Smidge Too Seriously, was called a "hilarious, heartwarming trip," and the new book promises to be full of the same laughs, wit, and relatability. Even if you're not quite ready (see what we did there?), don't miss your chance to meet this author!

This event is free and open to all; get access to the livestream by clicking through to Crowdcast below. Can't wait to see you there!


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About the Book


From popular humor writer and social media sensation Anna Lind Thomas comes a second book of charming and uproarious essays that capture our universal need for life to just slow down and give us as minute--we weren't ready for this!

Anna Lind Thomas wants everyone to just calm down and give her a minute, okay? She's not ready for this! In fact, through her latest collection of laugh out loud essays, she'll prove she's never been ready for anything in her life. Adult decisions, marriage, parenting, crows feet, large pores, skinny jeans—you name it, she ain't ready for it! She's never, not once, been ready for swimsuit season. Or her monthly period, even though her iWatch gives her several warnings. She wasn't ready to look her female professor in the eye after inexplicably whispering "I love you" during a hug, nor was she ready to leave the hospital with her newborn because she has a bizarre inability to pay attention while someone gives her detailed instructions. Don't even get her started on that one time she appeared on national TV in a blazer two sizes too small because she thought she'd lose twenty pounds before the shoot. Good grief, she just wasn't ready!

Through her signature wit, charm, and painful relatability, Anna reminds us that no one's truly ready for anything—so we might as well go for it and see what happens. She bets it'll be real good—or at least, real funny.


About the Author


Anna Lind Thomas is a humor writer and popular online personality who founded the funny site HaHas for HooHas. She spends her time writing for various media outlets and hosting her podcast, It's Not That Serious, which is consistently ranked in the Top 25 of the iTunes Family section. She holds a bachelors in advertising and a masters in communication studies and spent many years copywriting and creating campaigns in ad departments before having children. Her story about a fart went viral and catapulted her to fame (or infamy). Anna and her husband, Rob, live in Nebraska with their two young daughters, Lucy and Poppy, and an English Bulldog named Bruno. You can learn more at

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