Celebrating Diversity and Kinship with Amber O'Neal Johnston, Author of "A Place to Belong"

Celebrating Diversity and Kinship with Amber O'Neal Johnston, Author of "A Place to Belong"

May 24th 2022 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Hub City welcomes author and influential blogger Amber O'Neal Johnston to the Shop for a reading and discussion of her new book, A Place to Belong: Celebrating Diversity and Kinship in the Home and Beyond. Designed to be a guide for families of all backgrounds, the book offers practical advice on championing diversity within the context of daily family life. Amber, a homeschooling mother of four who writes and speaks about the inclusion of diverse voices in traditional curriculum, provides powerful insights on how to create an environment where children feel secure in their own personhood and culture, better enabling them to understand and appreciate those who are racially and culturally different.

This event is free and open to all, and is especially relevant for families and parents of children up to middle-school age. Come out to the shop at 6pm on Tuesday, May 24th, and save your spot and your copy of the book below.


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About the Book

A guide for families of all backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage and embrace inclusivity in the home and beyond.

Gone are the days when socially conscious parents felt comfortable teaching their children to merely tolerate others. Instead, they are looking for a way to authentically embrace the fullness of their diverse communities. A Place to Belong offers a path forward for families to honor their cultural heritage and champion diversity in the context of daily family life by:

  •  Fostering open dialogue around discrimination, race, gender, disability, and class
  •  Teaching “hard history” in an age-appropriate way
  •  Curating a diverse selection of books and media choices in which children see themselves and people who are different
  •  Celebrating cultural heritage through art, music, and poetry
  •  Modeling activism and engaging in community service projects as a family
Amber O’Neal Johnston, a homeschooling mother of four, shows parents of all backgrounds how to create a home environment where children feel secure in their own personhood and culture, enabling them to better understand and appreciate people who are racially and culturally different. A Place to Belong gives parents the tools to empower children to embrace their unique identities while feeling beautifully tethered to their global community.


About the Author

Amber O’Neal Johnston is an author, speaker, and worldschooling mama who blends life-giving books and a culturally rich environment for her four children and others seeking to do the same. She recommends we offer children opportunities to see themselves and others reflected in their lessons, especially throughout their books, and she’s known for sharing literary “mirrors and windows” on HeritageMom.com and @heritagemomblog (IG). Amber is also the author of A Place to Belong, a guide for families of all backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage, diversity, and kinship while embracing inclusivity in the home and beyond.


Praise for A Place to Belong

“With authenticity, heart, and vulnerability, Amber lays out a clear plan to create a home culture that honors your family’s heritage and celebrates others. Whether you’re Black, a person of color, or white, there is something more we can all do to investigate our own history and appreciate what everyone brings to the table.”
Delina Pryce McPhaull, founder of Woke Homeschooling

A Place to Belong awakens us to some of the most important issues of our day with dynamic pluck, bold transparency, and homegrown humility. I was moved to tears, laughter, discomfort, and relief, often within the same pages. This book is both a revelation and a guide.”
Ainsley Arment, author of The Call of the Wild and Free

“Amber O’Neal Johnston has written a deeply thoughtful book that will provoke all who read it to broaden their view of people in their personal context and in the beauty of their own unique lives and cultures. A great read indeed!”
—Sally Clarkson, coauthor of The Lifegiving Home

“Amber O’Neal Johnston has penned an engaging and comprehensive guide for families of all backgrounds who are curious or committed to engaging in a diverse and inclusive lifestyle. Johnston’s book is a refreshing reminder that humanity is shared, imperfect, and beautiful. Highly recommended.”
—Charnaie Gordon, creator of Here Wee Read

“As an adoptive mom raising children whose race and culture are different from my own, I deeply believe in Amber’s message and in every family’s need for this important book. Her writing style is kind and informed, gently pointing readers to resources and practices to introduce their kids to a wider, more vibrant world. I wish I could have had this book a decade ago to guide our path, but I’m grateful to have it now as I continue to make sure that every member of our family knows they have a place to belong.”
—Jamie C. Martin, author of Give Your Child the World

“In A Place to Belong, Amber O’Neal Johnston offers a pathway toward inclusivity that is marked, not with trite words and meaningless gestures, but with practical steps and helpful encouragement. She puts forth a beautiful vision for celebrating the uniqueness of your family while cultivating respect and appreciation for the differences of others.”
—Jasmine L. Holmes, author of Carved in Ebony

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