SOUL: An Ancestry Workshop with Marlanda Dekine

SOUL: An Ancestry Workshop with Marlanda Dekine

October 15th 2022 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Together we will consider how our individual origin stories influence our being. We will tap into past, present, and future timelines, allowing our familial and land ancestries to speak more than we do. We have the opportunity to reciprocate nourishment through speculation, giving ourselves permission, and presuming abundance. Through messy memory work, recalling stories, and simply listening, nature is nourishing. Automatic writing, breathwork, movement & meditation will be a part of our time together.

Marlanda Dekine is a poet from South Carolina. Their collection of poems, Thresh & Hold (Hub City Press, 2022), won the New Southern Voices Poetry Prize. Dekine is a Palm Beach Poetry Festival Langston Hughes Fellow, Tin House Scholar, Watering Hole Fellow, and Emrys Scholar. Their poems have been published in POETRY, Emergence Magazine, Southern Humanities Review, Oxford American, beestung, Annulet, and elsewhere. Dekine lives in Georgetown, South Carolina with their wise dog, Malachi. Their work leaves spells and incantations for others to follow for themselves.


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