Let's Talk Leadership with J. Casey Ryals and Kevin Paul Scott | Last to Least

Let's Talk Leadership with J. Casey Ryals and Kevin Paul Scott | Last to Least

March 16th 2021 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join us for a virtual conversation with J. Casey Ryals and Kevin Paul Scott on March 16th at 6PM! Both of these authors are leadership coaches, entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers. J. Casey Ryals is the debut author of Last to Least and Kevin Paul Scott is the author of several books on leadership and business, the most recent being The Lens. These authors will be talking about leadership and personal development and answering your questions!

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Last to Least

by Casey Ryals

Are you exhausted from working hard each day to move up the path towards more money, greater success, and higher recognition, only to be left wanting more? Sometimes the way to truly "win" the day-to-day hustle is to change direction completely. Uncover what is really guiding your work's journey and examine how you can enjoy higher productivity and satisfaction at work by going Last to Least.

“Self management is important—perhaps more important than management itself. This book will help you make your next wise move.”—Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of WHEN and DRIVE

“I have done business with Casey for years and he lives by these principles. Last to Least will help you acquire and keep clients while making your community proud you are there.” —J. Nathan Deal, 82nd Governor of GA

J. Casey Ryals is a successful risk manager and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Since entering the business sector, he has become a student of the human mind, studying motivation and the decision-making process in a search to determine what really drives us. Above all, he considers his role as husband to his wife, Alli, and father to his three daughters his most important work in life. Lack of self management skills is the reason we are so anxious and frustrated with our work. Last to Least sets out to change, not just what we do, but give us an identity at work that can not be threatened by stress or fear. We can be the most productive version of ourselves and achieve the purpose for which our work was designed!

The Lens

by Kevin Paul Scott

How We View Things Changes How We Do Things. Leaders often make changes to organizational structure, strategies, and personnel without addressing the one thing that can radically transform their lives and their leadership: perspective. They often overlook this pivotal principle that will unlock and unleash their potential. In The Lens, Kevin Paul Scott will change how you see your role, your relationships, and quite possibly the rest of your life. Each time we make a strategic shift in these nine areas of leadership, we elevate ourselves, our teams, and our organizations.

"Effective leaders are always growing, always learning, always eager to sharpen their skills and have a greater impact. In this book, Kevin Scott opens our eyes to see our challenges with more insight, hope, and courage than ever before."—Muhtar Kent, Chairman of the Board, The Coca-Cola Company

"The Lens gives us nine areas to see ourselves and our roles differently. I know my personal lens on leadership is much clearer now. Every leader needs to read this book!"—Bob Somers, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Delta Air Lines

Kevin Paul Scott has spoken to leaders on six continents from more than 100 countries. Kevin is the co-founder of ADDO, a leadership consultancy based in Atlanta, Georgia. ADDO exists to inspire people today to impact tomorrow. Prior to founding ADDO, Kevin s background included non-profit charitable work, business ventures, and politics. For his leadership and business acumen, Kevin is a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. Known for his grassroots appeal and southern charm, Kevin speaks extensively at businesses, to educators, and within the faith community. He and his wife Laura live in Marietta, Georgia.

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