A Virtual Evening with David Oakley | Nobody Eats Parsley

A Virtual Evening with David Oakley | Nobody Eats Parsley

January 7th 2021 | 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us for a virtual evening of fun with David Oakley on January 7th at 7PM! An award-winning creative director, Oakley's previous book, Why is Your Name Upside Down?, is a collection of hilariously entertaining stories from his career in advertising. His new book, Nobody Eats Parsley centers on equally entertaining family stories.

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Nobody Eats Parsley

by David Oakley

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With the publication of Nobody Eats Parsley: And other things I learned from my family, David Oakley ushers us front and center to the inner circus of his family life. These are stories so ridiculous you might think they‘re fiction. They‘re not. If you‘re looking for the antidote to a pandemic – look no further. Each chapter is filled with hilarious true events from Dave‘s world and there‘s a nice life lesson take-away from each.

“David has figured out the secret to life: he’s learned to laugh at himself. We would all be richer if we learned how to do the same.”--Kristen Cavallo, CEO of the Martin Agency

Sit down, grab a beer, and let me tell you some stories about my family. They're so ridiculous you may think they're fiction. Like the time I went to a drive-in X-rated movie without realizing my parents were in the next car. Or the time I let my kid throw a rock through our living room window. There's the time I bought a camouflage thong in a bait shop and the time I ruined a kid's birthday party. And the other time I ruined a kid's birthday party. I can't guarantee that these stories will make you laugh, but I can guarantee that I didn't make them up.

“So you can’t choose your family. But you can write a book about them and destroy the parsley industry in the process. I wouldn’t last a week in David Oakley’s wacky family,  but I would pay money to attend their reunion! I so appreciate David’s wicked humor, brilliant story-telling, and true love of family. Even if he doesn’t know that parsley is a garnish.”--Tracy Lee Curtis, humorist and author of Trophy Mom


David Oakley has been telling brand stories at BooneOakley for years. He has won many prestigious honors, including the Kaopectate Award in the eighth grade for having diarrhea of the mouth. His first book, Why Is Your Name Upside Down?, is full of stories from his life in advertising. Despite this, he was recently inducted into the North Carolina Advertising Hall of Fame. He lives with his wife Claire and their dog Walter in Charlotte, where they raised Sydney and Lucas. He loves his family very much and hopes they still love him after reading Nobody Eats Parsley.

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