Virtual poetry night with Ann-Chadwell Humphries | An Eclipse and a Butcher

Virtual poetry night with Ann-Chadwell Humphries | An Eclipse and a Butcher

December 3rd 2020 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Join us for an evening of poetry with award-winning poet Ann-Chadwell Humpries on December 3rd at 6PM! She will be discussing her first book of poems An Eclipse and a Butcher, which was selected by Muddy Ford Press in Columbia, SC for their Laureate series. 

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Ann-Chadwell Humphries, Poet


Ann’s family has always had poetry around their home. As a girl in rural Texas, she competed in University Interscholastic League poetry recitation. In college, Ann took Honor’s English. 

After retirement, Ann started to write through community writing workshops at Richland Library and Shepherd’s Center of Columbia. Now she takes graduate poetry classes at the University of South Carolina, poetry workshops at Wofford College, and online classes through the University of Iowa, University of Pennsylvania, and Hadley Institute for the Blind. She reads and writes her work using assistive technology. 

Ann lost her sight as an adult from the genetic disorder retinitis pigmentosa. The process was gradual. In her words: “I went from (seeing through) a hula hoop to a donut and then a straw.” She prepared with classes in mobility, adaption to blindness, and assistive technology. She is known as an advanced Apple Voice Over user. Voice Over is a standard feature on every Apple device. Now, Ann considers blindness a gift.

Ann recites her poetry—often accompanied by piano or guitar—for festivals, retreats, awards ceremonies, worship services, and in conversations around kitchen tables.

Muddy Ford Press selected Ann for their Laureate series to publish her first book of poems—Cindi Boiter, publisher; Ed Madden, editor; Tim Conroy, introduction. 

Ann’s career began as an RN in the intensive care nursery. She had an eye for how design could improve quality of care. She studied at Clemson University Health Facility where Clemson asked her to teach classes part-time which she did for two years. Ann became the first facility planner for the largest hospital in the area. After 9/11, she returned to nursing in the area of clinical trials and earned national credentials in this field.

In between, Ann and Kirk started their family. She wanted more flexibility, so she founded ETICON, which provided seminars and keynotes for conferences and workshops. She earned national certification in her field. Her business column, “The Right Moves," circulated for thirteen years on Knight-Ridder Tribune news until asked to publish it.

Ann lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with her husband, Kirk. Their two sons have growing families. Ann as “gran” composes songs, poems, and stories. Ann is an avid hiker, birder-by-ear, poet, and aspires to be genuine.

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