Voodoo for the Other Woman

Voodoo for the Other Woman

by: Angela Kelly
Release date: Mar 1st, 2013

Voodoo for the Other Woman is a collection of largely narrative poems about the triumphs and troubles of relationships from 1960s Appalachia to today, from the narrator's parents' hardscrabble marriage to her own young marriage and its subsequent unraveling. Read More

Softcover - $14.95
(ISBN: 978-1891885-22-8 )

In this collection of largely narrative poems about relationships, a narrator often appears, offering glimpses of her parents’ hardscrabble marriage in the Appalachia of the 1960s, her own coming of age in the 1970s, a young marriage of her own and the subsequent unraveling of it in the 1980s. In the aftermath and in the more current decades, newer relationships emerge and others resolve in poems with striking images: a cracked birdbath with a dead sparrow in its dry bowl, a lava lamp leaking blue gel amid other forgotten belongings, a shattered headboard and hammer-beaten pillows. These poems tell of loss and love through the aching, small details, the visions that remain long after a relationship ends or you close the book on pain.

Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly

Angela Kelly is the author of four chapbooks, Post Script from the House of Dreams (Stepping Stone Press, 2006), Weighing the Body Back Down (Middle Tennessee State University, 1996), those banded and coherent (Pudding House Publications, 1994), and Being the Camel. She has won the Carrie McCray Nickens Fellowship in Poetry from the South Carolina Academy of Authors (2011), the South Carolina Poetry Initiative Prize (2006), the Yemassee Poetry Prize (2003), and a South Carolina Arts Commission Literary Fellowship (1999). She lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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