Gravy: Spring 2023

Gravy: Spring 2023

by: Gravy Quarterly
Release date: Apr 18th, 2023

The Spring 2023 issue of Gravy kicks off SFA’s exploration of the year’s theme, asking: Where is the South? Read More

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The Spring 2023 issue of Gravy kicks off SFA’s exploration of the year’s theme, asking: Where is the South? How do we identify its edges? Can we mark its coordinates with bourbon, catfish, and birria? And can we map our present South onto the culinary and labor landscapes that preceded it?

In these Gravy pages, Mikeie Honda Reiland examines the closure of Arnold’s in Nashville through the lens of father-son relationships. Meredith McCarroll takes readers to a Thai restaurant in the tiny town of Sylva, North Carolina. Columnist Gustavo Arellano considers depictions of tacos in popular music. Hanna Raskin ponders the question of booze in barbecue, and how alcohol contributes to a barbecue restaurant's bottom line. Poet Joshua Nguyen shares original verse.

In an excerpt from his upcoming All of Us Together in the End, Matthew Vollmer writes of transformation after loss, and Southern Sunday suppers made of lentils and cheese danishes. Shay Youngblood tells of cooking for herself in the early months of the pandemic while observing homelessness and food insecurity in Atlanta. Chefs Alex Perry and Kumi Omori share their favorite places in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, where they own and operate Vestige restaurant. Finally, contemporary photographers and artists respond to the question “Where is the South?” in a visual essay of photography and illustrations. Follow along as we wander, map, and engage in a lively debate about this region SFA calls home.

Gravy Quarterly

Gravy Quarterly

Gravy tells stories about the changing American South. Published by the Southern Foodways Alliance, the quarterly journal shares original narratives that are fresh, unexpected, and thought-provoking. Each year, Gravy supports the work of over 100 writers, illustrators, and photographers in the South and beyond.

Gravy was named the 2015 Publication of the Year by the James Beard Foundation and has received multiple nominations for other awards between 2016 and 2020, from humor writing to the MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award. Notable contributors include Silas House, Janisse Ray, Randall Kenan, Monique Truong, Caleb Johnson, Chris Offutt, Latria Graham, and Imani Perry, among others.

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