Good Women

Good Women

by: Halle Hill
Release date: Sep 12th, 2023

A darkly funny and deeply tender collection, Hill observes how place, blood-ties, generational trauma, desperation, obsessions, and boundaries (or lack thereof), influence the navigation of the worlds of twelve Black women in Appalachia. Read More

Softcover - $17.95
(ISBN: 9798885740173)

In twelve stories, Good Women follows the lives of Black women through Appalachia and the Deep South, examining what forces shape their realities and what force they carry with them.

A darkly funny and deeply human collection, Hill observes how place, blood-ties, generational trauma, desperation, obsessions, and boundaries (or lack thereof) all influence how people navigate their worlds—in the most intimate and most coincidental of relationships. A woman on the Greyhound bus barreling toward a Florida retirement community prepares to lie to her online boyfriend’s mother; a teenager joins Weight Watchers at church as her father’s illness overwhelms their home; a young woman working at the state fair considers revenge against a man who’s harmed her mother.

As these women wrestle with what they need, with what they want, Hill captures what’s mundane in moments of absurdity and what isn’t in painfully ordinary moments, and how any moment could be life changing.

Praise for Good Women

“In Good Women, Halle Hill gifts us an unflinching peek at women who are trying, women who are aching, women who are running their hands along the walls of their dark hearts, fumbling for the light. Important and beautifully written, this collection is alive with bite and verve tick-tick-ticking on every page.” —Leesa Cross-Smith, author of Whiskey & Ribbons
“Halle Hill misses nothing, sees everything—Good Women gives witness. These stories are intimate, unbound and Hill delivers them like a wrestled testimony barreling through time. Halle Hill is here y’all. And Good Women, these stories, these lives, will last and last in all of us.” —Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, author of Sleepovers


Halle Hill

Halle Hill

Halle Hill is a writer from East Tennessee. She is a PEN/Dau Short Story Prize nominee, winner of the 2021 Crystal Wilkinson Creative Writing Prize, and a finalist for the 2021 ASME Award for Fiction. Her work is featured in Joyland, New Limestone Review, and Oxford American among others. Her debut collection, Good Women: Stories, will publish with Hub City Press in 2023.

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