The Shadowmaker

The Shadowmaker

by: TJ Champitto
Release date: Oct 25th, 2022

A mythical diamond has been discovered. Loyalties will be tested. Lives will be lost. Read More

Hardcover - $21.49
(ISBN: 9781957288963)

The first book in Champitto’s upcoming trilogy, The Shadowmaker, is yet another international thrill ride from the acclaimed, award-winning author. Stolen diamonds, fearless thieves, and a hidden truth that will forever change them.

Henry Sirola, a world-renowned art and jewel thief, is given a new assignment by the Croatian mob to retrieve a priceless artifact previously lost to history. He knows it could be the biggest score of his life, but he has a secret. He’s also an FBI informant.

Henry and his associates are tasked with securing the artifact in Brazil where their mission spirals out of control, and when they return home, an assassin strikes at the heart of their team.

With his former girlfriend, Isabell, Henry now must hunt down a cold-blooded killer. A series of clues lead to a mysterious farmhouse in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and a laptop that just might hold the answers to his troubled past.

Meanwhile, an NSA agent seeks information about the man known only as "the Shadowmaker." Henry fights to keep his identity hidden, but he and his team are summoned to Europe to finish the mission and find a buyer for the mob’s priceless new treasure. His battle for survival has only begun as his quest for the truth will take him from the bistros and castles of Italy to the back alleys of Zürich, and he will be forced to choose between the safety of the FBI and a life of boundless wealth.

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