The Playful Classroom: The Power of Play for All Ages

The Playful Classroom: The Power of Play for All Ages

by: Jed Dearybury & Julie Jones, PhD
Release date: Jun 30th, 2020

The Playful Classroom shows educators how to reconnect with students, parents, and their profession. It's full of real-life examples and research-based "how-tos" that you can start implementing tomorrow. Imagine every day at school filled with creativity, relationship building, community, and growth. Is it possible? Yes, it is. Read More

Softcover - $29.95
(ISBN: 9781119674399)

Designed for K-12 educators, The Playful Classroom describes ways to develop a playful mindset in students of all ages through meaningful, relevant, and fun learning experiences. This unique real-world guide provides everything parents and families need to incorporate hands-on lessons and creative activities into daily life! 

Building on contemporary and seminal works on learning theory and play pedagogy, the authors explain how to inspire through the use of play. This clear, user-friendly guide supplies practical strategies and effective solutions for keeping kids happy, creative, and engaged through the winter break and beyond!

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