Reading Between the Wines | Elizabeth Bradfield

Reading Between the Wines | Elizabeth Bradfield

January 22nd 2020 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Elizabeth Bradfield's book, TOWARD ANTARCTICA, will be paired with wines that share similar "notes," as the author reads and discusses selected poems from the work. This event is free to attend, and the wine tasting is available for purchase. RSVP here.


Poet-naturalist Elizabeth Bradfield’s fourth collection documents and queries her work as a guide on ships in Antarctica, offering an incisive insider’s vision that challenges traditional tropes of The Last Continent. Inspired by haibun, a form the 17th-century poet Bashō invented to chronicle his journeys in remote Japan, Bradfield uses photographs, compressed prose, and short poems to examine our relationships to remoteness, discovery, expertise, awe, labor, temporary societies, tourism’s service economy, and “pure” landscapes.  Antarctica was the focus of Bradfield’s Approaching Ice, written before she had set foot on the continent; now Toward Antarctica furthers her investigation with boots on the ground.  A complicated love letter, Toward Antarctica offers a unique view of one of the world’s most iconic wild places.

"Elizabeth Bradfield’s Toward Antarctica also belongs in the hands of anyone still seeking a renewed appreciation for the grandeur of the natural world. The pictures are breathtaking, full of bright-eyed birds and sea ice smashing into land." - Emma Winters, America Magazine, November 1, 2019

Throughout the book, Bradfield foregrounds her awareness of how her simple presence—not to mention her curiosity and longing for ad- venture, qualities that define the work of scientific disciplines—is a very real harm in this fragile place." - Kathryn Nuernberger, "Radical Research and the Scientific Method: Tracking a New Trajectory through Four Recent Poetry Collections," Missouri Review, Fall 2019

Please join us for Reading Between the Wines at Bond Street! RSVP here.


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