Gravy: Spring 2022

Gravy: Spring 2022

by: Gravy Quarterly
Release date: Apr 15th, 2022

Gravy’s Spring 2022 issue explores diasporic communities in the Southeast, offering new ways to think about the region and its people.  Read More

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Gravy’s Spring 2022 issue explores diasporic communities in the Southeast, offering new ways to think about the region and its people. 

Kayla Stewart reports from a restaurant serving some of the nation’s best Indonesian food from the suburbs of Atlanta. Anthropologist Simone Delerme shares insights from research in Memphis and Orlando, where an influx of Latino immigrants—and their foodways—continue to transform the identities of Southern places. Linda Golden finds family and forges new memories in a Washington, D.C. Filipino restaurant.

In a Georgia town surrounded by acres of peanuts, corn, and cotton, Alison Miller reports on the hydroponic future of farming. From Chicago, John Kessler ponders the nature of service in an era of mass resignations and QR codes. Neely Mullen conjures kitchen magic with cooks across the South who imbue the contents of their pots with blessings and goodwill. 

In her first of a series of columns on barbecue, Hanna Raskin asks how media attention and postmaster fame have shaped the way we consume barbecue. Gustavo Arellano invites Southerners to remember history differently by honoring those who listened and learned, rather than those who subjugated. SFA Oral Historian Annemarie Anderson takes readers behind the scenes of the Southern Baking project, featuring interviews with bakers—particularly women—who have made a living from their skills. Finally, Lawrence Weeks, chef at North of Bourbon, takes us to his favorite places in his Louisville, Kentucky hometown.

In This Issue

Editor's Note, Sara Camp Milam

Featured Contributors
SFA MVP (Most Visited Places)
Good Ol' Chico, Gustavo Arellano
BBQ Hustles, Hanna Raskin
State of Service, John Kessler
From Latino Orlando to International Memphis, Simone Delerme
Warung Indonesia, Kayla Stewart
Filipino Restaurant Provides a Taste of Family History, Linda Golden
On Witchcraft and Cooking, Neely Mullen
Southern Baking Oral History Project, Annemarie Anderson
Back to the Future, Alison Miller
Poetry, Lucien Meadows
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